Hyundai Recalls 13,500 Veloster Coupes Because Sitting Beneath A Shattered Sunroof Isn’t Fun

Driving along on a gorgeous day with the sunroof open is fantastic, which is ostensibly why the Hyundai Veloster Coupe and its panoramic sunroofs could be attractive to custoemrs. But having that closed sunroof shatter? Well that’s far from fantastic, which is why the car company is recalling 13,500 model year 2012 Velosters.

Consumers had been complaining to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, saying the expansive glass panels shattered and rained glass down on passengers. The car company filed the recall notice today with the NHTSA, saying that the assembly of the roofs may have caused them to weaken during installation, notes the Los Angeles Times.

The NHTSA had opened an investigation in October into the matter, after consumers claimed the sunroof “has shattered or exploded” on the 2012 models of the vehicles.

In the file, the NHTSA say seven complaints occurred while the car was in motion, usually at highway speeds. Which, as you can imagine, is pretty scary.

So far no crashes have been reported as a result of the sunroof explosions, but at least five people have been injured.

Another 4,300 Velosters with manual transmissions are being recalled for an entirely separate problem with the parking brake. Both recalls will begin next month.

Anyone Veloster owners with questions should contact Hyundai at 800-633-5151.

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