TSA Apologizes To 11-Year-Old For Detaining Her After Detecting Bomb Residue

While it is entirely possible, if not unlikely, that an 11-year-old with brittle bone disease and using a wheelchair could be carrying hazardous materials, the Transportation Security Administration has apologized for detaining a young girl for nearly an hour last week. The girl went through what sounds like quite an ordeal after TSA agents said they detected explosive residue on her hands.

The little girl and her mom were flying to Florida to get medical treatment for the genetic bone disorder. The girl uses a wheelchair and was stopped while going through security at Dallas Fort Worth Airport last week. Her mother took a video of the girl crying and upset while bomb experts were called in.

The TSA released a statement (via CBS DFW)apologizing to the girl, while reiterating that agents were just doing their job to keep passengers safe:

“We regret that the experience of this young lady was not a positive one as we always strive to screen passengers with dignity and respect while ensuring the safety of all travelers. Everything TSA does is designed to protect against another terrorist attack. In all likelihood, this traveler would have presented no risk, yet we could take no chances. She alarmed for explosive residue and TSA took the necessary steps to resolve the alarm.”

Yes, safety is important. But the girl’s mother says the TSA agent didn’t use common sense, and no one clearly explained what all the fuss was about when they were finally cleared.

TSA Apologizes To 11-Year-Old Girl Detained At Airport [CBS DFW]

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