Hundreds Of FedEx Packages Missing After Driver Kicks Them Out Of His Truck

Postal inspectors are using photocopies and scans of packages to figure out which items are missing.

Postal inspectors are using photocopies and scans of packages to figure out which items are missing.

If you live in the area of Papillion, Nebraska, and you’ve been waiting on a FedEx package for a couple weeks now, you’re not alone, after a driver for the delivery service decided to simply dump hundreds of parcels in the road.

KETV in Omaha reports that the incident actually occurred back on Nov. 27. The driver, taking packages from the FedEx depot in Kansas City to be handed off at the Papillion post office, was spotted getting out of his truck and kicking packages out of the back and onto the street.

A local postal inspector tells KETV that the driver has since been fired, because FedEx drivers are supposed to throw packages over customers’ fences, not kick them onto the streets.

“He thinks he left the door open to the truck and some had fallen out,” explains the inspector. “He stopped to look and he panicked, and he pushed the rest of the packages out of the back of the truck.”

While we believe the inspector, we really don’t understand the rationale behind this decision. Delivering packages isn’t like playing Hearts. You can’t “shoot the moon” and get away with being incompetent by delivering none of your cargo.

Witnesses called the police, but the inspector says that “some had already been taken away by people in the area.”

“Some” is an understatement.

The truck was to deliver 435 packages to the post office, presumably as part of that FedEx SmartPost program, which so many readers have told us combines the worst aspects of FedEx and the USPS.

Of those 435 original packages, only 31 made it to their destinations intact. 90 packages were discovered empty and 314 parcels have vanished completely.

Papillion residents whose FedEx packages have been listed as “in transit” since late November should contact FedEx to see if your item was on that truck.

Thanks to Kevin for the tip!

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