Newly Updated Google Maps App Finally Makes Its Return To iPhones

Apple’s pride is still likely stinging just a bit from the Great Map Debacle Of 2012, but nevertheless, a new version of Google Maps is now available as an app for iPhone users on iOS 6. Google announced yesterday that the revised map had finally been approved by Apple and will now be listed in the company’s app store.

“People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone,” wrote Daniel Graf, Director of Google Maps for Mobile, in the company blog. “It’s designed from the ground up.”

This newest version of the app will who more of the map on the screen than the one Google had planned earlier for iPhone, and it “loads more quickly and provides smooth tilting and rotating of 2D and 3D views,” Graf says.

Included as well are voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic conditions, public transportation information, Street View and Business Photos that show photos of inside places.

The Google Maps app used to come pre-loaded on every iPhone, as it was one of the more popular apps with its users. But when Apple rolled out iOS 6 in September along with the iPhone 5, the company decided not to keep Google Maps in favor of its own map app. That move quickly proved to be the wrong one, as users experienced a slew of problems like maps that were wrong, cities where they shouldn’t be and no public transportation information.

Australian police even recently warned travelers not to use Apple Maps, claiming it had lead people astray into the wilderness instead of to their destination in a city.

Google Maps is now available for iPhone [Google Blog]

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