Starbucks Introduces Limited Amount Of $450 Steel Gift Cards For The Caffeinated 1%



There are people who are willing to plunk down $7 for a cup of coffee every day at Starbucks, or those who carve out  decent slice of their budgets to ensure they get a venti latte with all the syrupy extras on a constant basis, so the idea of spending $450 on a shiny new steel Starbucks gift card really isn’t that much of a leap. And it will come with the cachet of being one of only 5,000 in existence. We can just sense the caffeinated drool out there right now.

The company is rolling out the premium gift cards just in time for the holidays. Each one is specially etched steel and costs $50 to make, leaving the remaining $400 for purchases at Starbucks. They can only be purchased through luxury goods website, which means you can’t just pick one up at your local store, notes USA Today.

“Some stores will never even see this card,” says Ryan Records, vice president of card and payments at Starbucks, in what we can only imagine was a braggy voice.

In case your status as one of the 1% isn’t confirmed enough, the card comes with gold-level membership benefits like gifts and free refills on brewed liquids.

The card will hit on Thursday, and Starbucks members will have the first crack at getting one before everyone else on Friday.

I must admit, if I see someone with one of these and any kind of facial expression approaching a smirk, I will tempted to smack that steel bit of status right to the floor. I won’t do it, but I will be tempted to.


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