Sorry, Gilt Is All Sold Out Of These Marijuana-Print Dresses For Kids

Sorry, Gilt Is All Sold Out Of These Marijuana-Print Dresses For Kids

Marijuana-themed clothing is nothing new. All over the world, folks sport hats, shirts, leggings, and other apparel showing their affection for the plant. It’s less usual to see pre-teens and toddlers wearing weed-themed clothing, but Gilt shoppers seemed hungry to snap up this leafy dress for kids as young as two.  [More]

It's pretty, I guess?

Starbucks Thinks You Might Want To Buy Someone A $450 Metallic Gift Card (Again)

Coming off its $450 steel gift card offer from last year, which was successful if you consider the fact that people were selling the sold-out cards on eBay for $5,000, Starbucks is once again reaching out to the caffeinated 1%. [More]

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Amazon Retains Its Crown Among Online Retailers In This Year’s Holiday Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Online retailers are sitting pretty these days due to the convenience they offer during busy times like the holidays, but according to this year’s survey of consumer satisfaction, some businesses made out better than others. Amazon is the reigning champ of customer satisfaction, and it held onto that title again this year, beating out upstarts like and [More]


Starbucks Introduces Limited Amount Of $450 Steel Gift Cards For The Caffeinated 1%

There are people who are willing to plunk down $7 for a cup of coffee every day at Starbucks, or those who carve out  decent slice of their budgets to ensure they get a venti latte with all the syrupy extras on a constant basis, so the idea of spending $450 on a shiny new steel Starbucks gift card really isn’t that much of a leap. And it will come with the cachet of being one of only 5,000 in existence. We can just sense the caffeinated drool out there right now. [More]