Ninja Offers Swift, Quiet Replacement Of Defective Blender



Nathan expected stubbornness or indifference from Ninja complained about the mildew trapped inside the handle of his blender pitcher. Ninjas aren’t the fanciest blenders out there, but aren’t the cheapest, either. He e-mailed them first, then called customer service as they requested. That’s when they surprised him by actually replacing the defective pitcher.

I bought a Ninja blender at a Kohl’s store about 6 months ago. Due to a design flaw, the handle of the pitcher is full of mildew. Basically, there is a space inside the pitcher handle where water can get in, but can’t get out.

Having plenty of experience with indifference or abuse from appliance manufacturers, I wasn’t surprised when Ninja responded to my online form submission with a standard “I can’t help you with this issue via email – please call our 800 number” message.

Not expecting any help, I called the number just to see what would happen. Once I got through to a real person, they asked for my model number and address, and a new pitcher was shipped the same day, free of charge. No hassle.

I was especially surprised because Ninja only offers a 60-day warranty for products that are bought directly from them. They certainly weren’t obligated to give me a free replacement after 6 months.

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