Woot Marks Item Down, Issues Partial Refund, Delights Customers

Image courtesy of (blue_j)

There are a few (very few) companies that Consumerist readers seem to universally adore. Woot is one of these, even when they’re not sending their customers unexplained wads of cash. They did something pretty simple this week: sold an item for $200, then put it up for sale for $170 only a few days later. Instead of saying “tough luck” to those first few customers who paid $30 more, Woot issued a pre-emptive refund.

Reader Chris was one of those unlucky, then lucky purchasers, and passed along the e-mail he got from Woot.

I wanted to share how awesome Woot! is with you/The Consumerist readers. Here is an email I got from them today:

Hi there,

So you didn’t win the Powerball. Bummer. But we’ve got some good news ! Looks like you’ll be seeing a nice little windfall anyway. Now before you go quitting your job and cursing your boss, we should tell you that it’s only 30 bucks. Still, free money!

A few days ago, we sold you a Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum for $200. But today we’re selling it for $169.99. We didn’t think that was right, so we’ll be refunding you the difference. You can expect to see that back on your credit card in a few days. Now don’t go spending it all in one place. Unless, you know, that place is Woot.

Hugs and Kisses,


Old-timers may remember that Amazon.com used to do the same thing just a few short years ago. Depending on how big the markdown was, it’s a relatively cheap way to build a lot of goodwill for your brand.

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