Kmart Changes My Layaway Item Prices, Adds Fees


Betty is trying really hard to make Kmart honor what she thought were the terms of the layaway agreement. She was supposed to pay the original price and not have any layaway fees. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? Not for Betty, and she’s incredibly frustrated.

My name is Betty and I am having such a headache with Kmart. Today I spent another 30 minutes on the phone with a representative at the executive office of Sears. He practically hung up on me. I wanted a resolution and have been getting the run around since Tuesday. That was when I discovered that Kmart was not honoring the prices I agreed to pay or the no layaway service charge that is advertised on their website. I started my campaign to get a resolution.

I have spoken to probably ten representatives thru chat, over the phone, Facebook, twitter and lastly called the executive office where [redacted] hung up on me. He told me what the other representatives told me. I would have an answer between 24-48 hours. Its over three days and NO ONE wants to resolve my issue.

I have as of now six different prices for a total of two orders. Per [redacted], the executive representative, they are having many consumer complaints. They think its a software issue. (this per him and an online supervisor representative.) But they won’t A.) give me my money back fully (they want to charge me $10.00 each to cancel the orders, which I won’t pay) or b.) Honor the prices I agreed to pay.

What makes this the most nerve wrecking is that previous to me ordering I spoke with representatives over the phone who assured me that I was able to use coupon codes, get free shipping, earn reward points and pay NO layaway service charge.

So far, Betty is the only customer we’ve heard from who has had problems with layaway at any retailer this holiday season. Are you having layaway woes? Let us know.

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