But Seriously, Folks: Joking That You Have Dynamite At An Airport Won’t Get A Laugh

Listen, we’re not trying to nag you or insult your intelligence. But somehow, even despite all our efforts and the fact that the average person has at least a modicum of common sense, people are still making jokes about having explosives at airports. To wit: A man visiting from Guatemala thought it’d be hilarious to tell Transportation Security Administration workers that he had dynamite in his luggage. Face, meet palm.

The traveling doctor caused hours of delays for his fellow passengers at Miami International Airport yesterday afternoon, reports CBS Miami, when he apparently replied that he had dynamite when asked if he had any hazardous materials in his luggage. A better joke would’ve been industrial-sized toenail clippers for his massive hangnails, perhaps. Or nothing, nothing at all.

Terminal J was shut down for over an hour after the man made his awful joke, even though he reportedly told the ticket agent he was joking while the cops were being called.

Police weren’t about to laugh and clap him on the shoulder for his very unfunny quip, and instead arrested him and charged him with falsely reporting a bomb threat at an airport. The man’s luggage was ultimately cleared by a bomb squad, and the airport continued its normal operations.

We know our bright Consumerist readers will never repeat such a mistake, but be sure to tell your friends one more time, just for good measure: Bomb jokes do not fly at the airport. Never, ever ever. Not even if you’re telling your boyfriend he’s “THE bomb.” You shouldn’t do that anyway because, hello, so 1999.

Cops: Dynamite Joke By Guatemalan Tourist Forced MIA Terminal Evacuation [CBS Miami]

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