Cinemark Will Bribe You Not To Text For An Entire Movie

Image courtesy of (Scoboco)

People are rude. They just won’t put down their phones in movie theaters. Some movie houses have taken to throwing texters out, but Cinemark is trying a different tactic. The chain’s smartphone apps now have a module that will reward moviegoers for the arduous experience of watching an entire movie without texting.

The new feature is called Cinemode. Turn off your phone’s volume and launch the Cinemark app. Launch the Cinemode module and–this part is key–leave that screen up for the entire duration of the film. If you can control yourself for the duration, get rewards in the form of coupons for free or discounted concession items or (perhaps) tickets. After all, you want customers who aren’t disturbing everyone else to keep coming back.

Cinemode [Cinemark] (Via Deadline – thanks, Phil!)

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