Missed Black Friday 2011? Don’t Worry, Most Retailers Are Selling Same Stuff At Same Sale Prices

Image courtesy of (penner42)

Did you miss shopping Black Friday sales last year and have regretted it ever since? Don’t. Our friends over at NerdWallet nerded over this year’s “leaked” Black Friday ads and determined that so far, nine out of ten stores are offering the same exact items on sale at the same exact prices.

Economic indicator or just the way retail works? I mean, Dick’s Sporting Goods only sells so many items: of course they’re going to offer a North Face jacket on Super Retail Day every year. The matchups even extend to changeable markets like electronics, though. Check out their chart, which sorts out deals from national and regional big-box retailers. Petsmart is offering the same medium-sized pet carrier or crate ($34.99) as last year. Staples and OfficeMax are both in reruns, putting the same exact Brother printers they had on sale last year at the same price.

NerdWallet Study: 90% of 2012 Black Friday Ads Contain Exact Same Items and Prices as 2011′s [Nerdwallet Shopping]

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