Apple Tells Me I Should Be Happy To Have A Patched-Together FrankenMacBook

Image courtesy of (jonasflanken)

The MacBook Pro can be a pricey computer, costing more than $3,000. Maybe you get what you pay for, maybe you don’t, but that price tag is why customers have come to expect world-class customer service verging on groveling when they take it to their friendly neighborhood Genius Bar for repairs. Kristina’s 8-month-old computer has needed to go back to the store for service three times now, including what she calls a “major meltdown” and the loss of all data on the hard drive.

I am absolutely livid about Apple’s customer service and their products. Specifically my MacBook Pro which is a mere 8 months old has had one major meltdown (aka could not be turned on and all data was lost), two repairs and now is sliding downward once again. Instead of offering me a replacement, frankly I’m starting to suspect that the title of genius is merely an ironic joke, they instead have insisted that I come into the store (2 hour drive) and talk to a “genius” who said that the machine is as good as new (this all took another 2 hours). When I pointed to the previous repairs he said that basically that happens and I should be happy that my computer now works?!?! I’m sorry I did not pay all that money for a patched up computer.

Looking online I see that A LOT of people are having these issues, it seems apple is concerned with you right up to the point that you hand them your credit card and then they could not be bothered.

The problem with larger electronics, like computers, is companies don’t consider one unit a “lemon” until it has been in three times for the same mechanical problem. Just breaking down three times won’t cut it: the problem needs to have the same cause. This isn’t a new policy: the G4 iBook I bought in 2004 had the same problem three times, but not before the warranty was up.

We encouraged Kristina to write to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s office. They were not helpful.

Even after contacting Tim Cook’s office they are “unable to replace it”. I’m so shocked at Apple’s new attitude, have you heard anyone else complaining about this or is it just my bad luck?

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