Safeway Doesn’t Want You Photographing Their Terrible Cakes For That Blog About Terrible Cakes

Image courtesy of Now Peter Cottontail knows to keep quiet.

When a store bans customers from snapping photos for online derision, we can’t help but take it personally. That would pretty much put us out of business. Cake Wrecks is a blog that’s in the business of mocking photos of terrible, terrible decorated cakes designed and executed by purported professional bakers. You know, like an Easter bunny with its tail shoved in its mouth for no clear reason.

disturbing bunny

Now Peter Cottontail knows to keep quiet.

However, cake-spotters nationwide have reported back to Cake Wrecks HQ that they’ve been told not to photograph the terrible cakes of one grocery chain. The site has thoughtfully redacted the name of this store when explaining the situation, but left the Safeway labels on the visual aids untouched. Because they care.

One dutiful reporter wrote in:

My local [CENSORED*] [Safeway] bakery has this new policy – not strictly enforced, but kinda enforced – NO PHOTOS in the bakery department. None, nada. Per an ex-employee there, upper management is afraid that one of that store’s specific cakes will be posted on ‘that bad cake site.’ Per what they tell you in the store, their cakes are ‘all copyright protected.

That’s right. Because any one of their competitors out there are desperate for designs to copy, and will stop at nothing to produce their very own version of whatever the hell this is.

Intestines or something

It’s a good thing that Safeway also won’t let people buy those cakes and take them home to photograph them. Then they’d really be screwed.

Ways To Play It Safe [Cake Wrecks] (via BoingBoing)

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