To No One’s Surprise, Beer And Math Don’t Combine Very Well

Image courtesy of Fuzzy beer math.

Reader JC saw our post featuring some solid, but not really brag-worthy beer math on a sign outside a bar. Reader JC remembered this photo that he took at the California State Fair. Instead of a nice, normal economy of scale, here buying a large brew has a financial penalty, but buying a medium one has a larger one. On a per-ounce basis, anyway.

Fuzzy beer math.

Let’s get out a calculator and check the math.

12-ounce beer: 42 cents per ounce
16-ounce beer: 50 cents per ounce
24-ounce beer: 46 cents per ounce

Maybe this is an ill-conceived attempt to keep fairgoers from drinking quite as much beer. Only that doesn’t work so well, either, because why not buy two twelve-ounce beers?

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