Photo from Renee's visit to the deep-fried coffee booth.

Turns Out Deep-Fried Coffee Tastes Exactly How It Sounds

Last week the Internet was temporarily afire with the news that someone had decided to deep-fry Starbucks coffee and serve it up at the San Diego County Fair, and we wondered what fried balls of coffee grounds might taste like. As it turns out, it tastes exactly as awful as one might expect a mouthful of coffee grounds tastes like. [More]

(Courtesy of San Diego County Fair)

Deep-Fried Starbucks Coffee Joins List Of Ridiculous Food You Can Find At The Fair

If you thought the world couldn’t possibly cough up yet another deep-fried food oddity, you were wrong and you’ll probably be wrong again if you think people will ever stop chucking things into hot oil. The deep-fried trend is especially prevalent at fairs and festivals, with this year’s nominee for freakish fare showing up at the San Diego County Fair to much ado: Deep-fried Starbucks coffee. [More]


Texas State Fair Presents Deep-Fried Nutella

Well, it’s state and county fair season, which can only mean one thing. This is America, darn it, and there is nothing in this great nation that we aren’t able to fry. This summer, word out of Texas is that deep-fried Nutella is the new hotness. Nutella? [More]

Man Learns That Carnival Games Are Not A Sound Investment, Loses Life Savings

Man Learns That Carnival Games Are Not A Sound Investment, Loses Life Savings

Sure, sometimes it might feel like you’re playing a rigged carnival game when you open up your 401(k) statement, but that’s not really the case. Just about any investment is a wise one, though, compared to what a New Hampshire man did with his life’s savings. After spending $300 trying to win an Xbox Kinect at a fair, he did the fiscally prudent thing: he stopped playing and went home. How nice would it be if this story just stopped there? [More]

Fuzzy beer math.

To No One’s Surprise, Beer And Math Don’t Combine Very Well

Reader JC saw our post featuring some solid, but not really brag-worthy beer math on a sign outside a bar. Reader JC remembered this photo that he took at the California State Fair. Instead of a nice, normal economy of scale, here buying a large brew has a financial penalty, but buying a medium one has a larger one. On a per-ounce basis, anyway. [More]