Bright House Customer Now Has His Football In Glorious HD

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A few months ago, we shared with you the story of Tim, a Bright House cable customer who signed up for the company’s most basic package because the company’s website created the appearance that high-definition channels were part of it. After we published Craig’s story, the person at Bright House whose job it is to fund unhappy customers venting on the Internet and make them happy again contacted us, wanting to help Tim. This person agreed that the online listings were confusing, and upgraded Tim’s cable at no cost.

Tim sent us this update:

I wanted to write a follow-up to my story about BrightHouse that you posted the other day. The Consumerist passed along contact information for Gary, the Online Forums Manager for BrightHouse. After I emailed Gary he gave me a call and we worked through the entire situation and went over the online chat records. The blame wasn’t all on BrightHouse, I had incorrectly thought the initial price was $29.99 when the promotional price was actually $36 (the online chat representative gave me the total bill roll up and I incorrectly estimated the cost of the Standard cable package). This caused some confusion for the representatives that I spoke with and emailed because BrightHouse has a significantly different promotion for $29.95 (which only include Basic cable).

Gary did look at the channel listing on BrightHouse’s website and agreed with me that they were confusing (thankfully!). He has asked that the channel line-up be examined to reduce the chance for confusion in the future. Gary actually upgraded me from the package that I wanted to their Digital Television tier for approximately the same price as my subscription would have been with only Standard cable and the CableCard.

It took a lot to get this issue resolved, but BrightHouse was able to come through for me in the end and I am satisfied with the resolution.

Thanks a lot Consumerist, I don’t think I could have done this without you!

Hurray! It would have been better if Tim and Bright House could have settled this without our help, we’re glad to hear that he was able to settle his problems and let the company know about their confusing channel lineups.

All I Want Is To Watch Some Football In HD And For Bright House’s Website To Reflect Reality

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