Gobbling Down Your Turkey Dinner Will Cost You A Bit More This Thanksgiving

It’s almost time to head to turkey town and gobble away, America. But those regal birds will cost you a bit more this year, as the price of turkey has been rising this year. Then there’s all those other fixins, and before you know it, the average consumer will spend about 1% more for Thanksgiving dinner than last year.

According to the  American Farm Bureau Federation (via the Los Angeles Times) American households on average will spend $49.48 for a party of 10, $0.28 more than last year. Dinner for $5 per person? Not too shabby.

We can be grateful this year, however, that there won’t be such a huge surge in the cost of celebrating the holiday as there was last year. The price for dinner jumped 13% last year, the biggest uptick since 1990.

The turkey is the thing in this situation, with a 16-pounder going for $22.23, up $0.04 cents a pound from before. That could be due to the drought this past summer which could’ve thinned out poultry populations.

Everything else is apparently just about the same price as last year, and certain things like whipping cream, whole milk, fresh cranberries and pumpkin pie mix have gone down in price from then.

And now my hunger has gone up. Mmm, mashed potatoes.

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