What To Do If You’re Still Getting Calls From “Rachel At Cardholder Services”

Image courtesy of (Peeping Dragon)

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission shut down five operations responsible for untold number of scammy robocalls from “Rachel (or one of many other names) at Cardholder Services.” But several readers have written in to say that these calls have not ended.

“We know there are lots of bad guys,” William Maxson, an attorney for the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, tells Consumerist, adding that even though the agency was able to bring the hammer down (my phrasing, not his) on five major scammers, “There are others out there that use the same methods.”

The FTC confirms that there are ongoing investigations into other robocallers, though it can’t offer specifics since telling scammers that you’re about to bust them is not always the best way to catch them.

For people that continue to get robocalls from Cardholder Services or any other potential scam, Maxson says the fastest and easiest way to let the FTC know is to go to DoNotCall.gov and click “File a Complaint.” You can also call (888) 382-1222 to file a complaint with the FTC.

Remember, even if you’re not listed in the Do Not Call Registry, it is illegal for businesses to robocall you without your permission.

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