Comcast Uglying Up Historic Georgetown With Big Metal Boxes

Image courtesy of (Tom Birch/

Not since little Regan MacNeil left the steps of Georgetown littered with bodies have the people of this quaint, historic Washington, D.C., neighborhood been so horrified. But this time it’s not possessed children, it’s Comcast.

“This business is coming into our community and just making an aesthetic wreck of what we try to preserve in the historic district,” said Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Tom Birch.

Birch claims that the boxes were placed in the middle of sidewalks without Commission approval and that Comcast workers have been installing them as early as 5:30 a.m. and as late as 10:30 p.m.

The Commission tells Georgetown Patch that Comcast has not responded to phone calls and has been “unapproachable” regarding the refrigerator-size boxes.

While he District Department of Transportation (DDOT) issued public the space permits for the boxes, it looks like some steps might have been skipped.

According to the Georgetown Current, any change to public space in historic Georgetown be approved by the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and the Old Georgetown Board, neither of which were given the opportunity to review the permit applications.

A rep for the DDOT’s Public Space Regulation Administration tells Patch that it will be reviewing the applications to see if maybe there was a screw-up.

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