Buy A Suzuki Car Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Company Says It’s Outta Here

For anyone who’s had their eye on a Suzuki car, you might want to check into actually buying that vehicle pretty soon, as the company has announced it’s pulling out of the U.S. after it sells of its remaining inventory. It’s the latest automaker to make an exit recently, following in the departing footsteps of Saab and Isuzu.

While Suzuki will stop selling new automobiles in the country, Suzuki enthusiasts will still be able to buy motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boat motors, the company said in a statement today (via Bloomberg News).

The pull-out coms on the heels of the company’s failure to generate big enough profits to keep things up in the U.S. Its American distributor also filed for bankruptcy as part of the exit strategy.

Experts say the move will allow the company to finally give up on trying to compete with others in the U.S. and really go after consumers in other parts of the world. From Bloomberg:

“Suzuki is no longer among the carmakers like Toyota or Honda to have an advantageous position in the U.S., so why not focus on what it is good at?” said Satoshi Yuzaki, Tokyo-based general manager at Takagi Securities Co. “It makes sense for Suzuki to focus on India and other Asian markets.”

Suzuki got off to somewhat of a rocky start after it arrived on these shores in 1985 with the Samurai, a compact sports utility vehicle. In 1988, Consumer Reports said that the Samurai was likely to roll over during accident-avoidance tests.

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