HOA Installs Radar, Issues Speeding Tickets

Image courtesy of (CBS Denver)

(CBS Denver)

With no one but themselves to police the speed limits of their gated a community, a homeowners association in Colorado has set up a radar system and begun issuing tickets to speeders.

Drivers caught violating the max. 30 mph speed limit in the community will be subject for fines from anywhere from $15 to $100, depending on how fast they are driving.

If the violating driver is a visitor of the subdivision, their ticket will be given to whichever homeowner they are visiting at the time.

As you might expect with most HOA restrictions, some residents are not thrilled.

“It’s just a little bit overboard for a private community to be policing themselves,” one homeowner tells CBS Denver.

Another resident, who says she was almost hit twice in a night by speeding cars is still against the measure.

“No, that’s outside the boundaries of what the HOA was established to do,” she explains. “That is within the boundaries of what the law is supposed to do.”

But the local county sheriff is not responsible for traffic enforcement on private property.

So if residents believe that their HOA’s actions are too restrictive or cross a legal line, they need to become more involved. Too many of the stories about runaway HOAs involve residents who take issue with a new rule after it’s been enacted. If you’re going to pay dues to be part of an HOA, you might as well take part in how it governs your neighborhood.

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