Hollywood Star Acer Commercials Push Ultrabooks, Challenge Gender Norms

Megan Fox chases her dreams, fully clothed.

Kiefer Sutherland seeks new, exciting, and flame-tastic ways to… bake cupcakes. Megan Fox walks away from a zero-g gig in her underwear to… create a computer program to communicate effectively with dolphins. In these extended ad spots designed to play in movie theaters, the stars follow their secret passions with the help of an Acer Ultrabook because, well, that’s who’s paying for the commercials.

The question, of course, is whether the spots are really challenging gender norms, or just playing off them. Is it funny that Megan Fox wants to be a scientist because, duh, hot women shouldn’t be scientists? Are men supposed to strive for perfect fluffy pink cupcakes? Or is it just funny that megastars would walk away from Hollywood to pursue their non-entertainment world dreams?

I don’t know, but call me when Kiefer publishes his recipe book with the blowtorch-caramelized cupcakes.

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