Seattle May Leave Hygiene Standards To Cab Drivers Instead Of Dictating Cleanliness Rules

The city of Seattle currently regulates the dress code and hygiene of its cab drivers — setting standards such as an “absence of offensive body odor” and “well groomed” facial hair, with clean clothing that doesn’t have unrepaired rips and tears. But the city is now considering handing those requirements over to the drivers themselves. After all, they’re adults who don’t want to scare away business with bad B.O., say some drivers, who believe it should be up to the cab companies to regulate such things.

The city’s proposed changes in its budget packages for next year include eliminating the current dress code and hygiene standards, something many drivers support, reports KOMO News.

“Basically they’re saying, ‘Treat us like adults,'” said Denise Movius, deputy director of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services, which oversees taxi regulations in the city of Seattle. “We don’t dictate to any other business in the city how they should dress.”

But then there are opponents of such a plan, including those in the hospitality industry who want to make sure Seattle is seen and smelled in its best, fragrant light.

“We’re trying to be a world-class city. I don’t think this goes in the right direction,” said Eli Darland, who owns both a for-hire company and a limo service in Western Washington. “Most of the hotels are appalled at the level of service that the taxis are giving,” he added. “Now Seattle is saying, ‘Hey, let’s make it worse.'”

Proponents of allowing drivers to choose how they look and smell say it’s going to be a no-brainer, as they’ll want to keep business hopping. And there’s nothing more off-putting than when your business/cab smells like… well, use your imagination.

We want to know…

Seattle proposes eliminating hygiene standards for taxi drivers [KOMO News]

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