Fancy Hotel Wedding Planner Doesn’t Understand How Email’s “CC” Function Works

We’ve all had the horrible “Oh no no I sent that hilarious yet inappropriate email to everyone in the entire office” moment, but there’s a difference between slipping up and hitting the “reply all” function, and adding someone as a “cc” or carbon copy (remember paper?) recipient. Which must mean the wedding planner at a fancy British hotel who accidentally revealed her truly snooty feelings about a couple just doesn’t know how to use email.

The couple had visited 15 other venues and had decided the luxury hotel was the right fit for their nuptials, but the resident wedding planner apparently felt different, reports the BBC.

After getting the runaround from the planner, the woman called her up to see what was going on with their plans to get hitched there. The planner said she was sorry and had been away, but would get back to her with some provisional plans shortly.

Instead, she sent an email to her manager and unwittingly CC’ed the woman on the email.

“I know this probably doesn’t sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don’t think they are the type of people that we would want to have at [the hotel],” she wrote.

The woman says the email left the couple shocked and upset at first.

“It was devastating. At the time it was pretty crushing, really. I am actually over it now,” she said, adding that the planner seemed lovely at the time. She has no clue why they’d be unacceptable, noting that perhaps it’s because she has an eyebrow piercing and two earrings.

A hotel spokesman apologized and said the wedding planner had been chastised. He offered an invitation for the couple still get married at the hotel, saying:

“This is a very unfortunate matter for which we apologised profusely to [the couple] within 24 hours of this email being sent. The opinions expressed were in no way a reflection of the opinions of [the hotel].We are an extremely welcoming and friendly hotel and we are inclusive of everyone. Everyone is welcome.”

The couple is taking its wedding next June to another venue, despite the apology and subsequent invite. Who wouldn’t?

Stoke Park wedding planner disciplined for email [BBC]

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