The BK Bacon Burger Is A Disgrace To The Word ‘Bacon’

Burger King recently released a $1 bacon burger. Only a dollar and it comes with bacon? Excellent. In a typical case of fast food advertising vs. reality, though. the bacon isn’t quite as advertised. Matt tried the burger and found that the reality is quite pitiful when compared to the luscious bacon-stuffed bun shown in photos.

Here’s the promo photo:

Here’s what Matt got:

He even took a video of the ill-fated trip, where he was bacon-deprived and the store closed early.

I wanted to share with you a recent experience I had at a local burger king recently. Upon arrival I decided to try out the BK Bacon Burger as I was tempted by all the luscious bacon pouring off the side of the burger on the menu picture. Being a consumerist reader, I should have known better. But alas, my hunger blinded me and I quickly handed over my cash for the goods.

Not only was the burger not up to their advertisement, but the store closed a full 30 minutes early for some reason. Several people came up and were turned away while we talked for a bit in the parking lot. I took video of the awesome burger I got, what do you guys think, should I have complained?

He could have complained, but it probably wouldn’t have done much good. Other reviews online show similarly pitiful amounts of bacon.

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