Observant Bank Teller Recognizes Alleged Robber As Customer: “Hey, I Know You!”

As the old saying goes, “Don’t [dispose of your bodily waste] where you eat.” One Massachusetts woman learned that the hard way, when a teller at the bank she was allegedly attempting to rob had a bit of a “Eureka!” moment. The plot went all twisty when the teller recognized the person robbing the bank as a customer. Awkward.

Cops tell CBS Boston that the bank teller even called the woman by name, while she was trying to carry the heist off. During this particular robbery, the teller said, “Do you want to make a deposit” and called her by name.

She was reportedly trying to cover her $2,000 rent when she went on the alleged string of robberies that included four other banks.

Police arrested her and seized a whole treasure trove of goods from her home, including a bunch of stuff colored in anti-theft red dye.

Talk about one of those awkward run-ins we all dread having with acquaintances.

Teller Recognizes Robbery Suspect As A Bank Customer [CBS Boston]

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