It Gets Worse: Galaxy Nexus Takes 3.5 Months To Show Up Using 2-Day Shipping

Image courtesy of (Dee Adams)

(Dee Adams)

Just a few hours ago, we shared Dan’s complaint about Google Play and its inability to ship him a phone. Jameson responded to our call for stories about Nexus orders gone wrong shortly afterward, sounding a little guilty: maybe he could have saved Dan and other customers all this trouble. See, he ordered a Galaxy back in July, and it took three and a half months and a lot of wrangling with Google to get it to show up.

He writes:

I ordered the phone on July 2nd, to have one for a user who was going out of town on that Friday (the 6th), and I figured that 2 day shipping would be enough to arrive in time. It seemed on track to be there with time to set it up, but then it didn’t. I waited at least 1 week to see if it would shake itself out of the system, but no luck. The first email from them may have arrived quickly after I complained to them about the phone, but I’m not certain because I don’t remember how far in advance of the July 22 response I contacted them.

They sent an email asking me to confirm that my phone still failed to arrive on the 31st of July. On August 16, they told me that they had verified that my phone had arrived, after which I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out who had signed for the phone and where it could have gone. When it came to light that no shipping company had been to the office so far that day, I spelled out all of the issues again, trying to get them to actually look at my problem. 11 days later they sent me an email telling me that it turns out I was correct, and they were escalating my case. On September 24th (28 days after escalation) I made slightly sarcastic and cynical information request. 15 days later on October 9 they replied to tell me they were still working on it.

Finally on the 16th of October the phone arrived at the office after I had left. Some hours later I received a form letter asking me to confirm that the device still hadn’t arrived because it’s been so long since they last heard from me, which I erroneously did. They then replied with the email they should have sent instead of the form message, with the (new) confirmation number, which did indeed show the phone had arrived, 3 months and 10 days late.

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