Arby’s Fires Worker After She Had To Flee The Restaurant During Armed Robbery

What could possibly make your night worse after surviving an armed robbery by slipping through the drive-thru window where you work? Maybe getting fired less than 24 hours after the incident for fleeing, which is what Arby’s did to an assistant manager in Dayton, Ohio who escaped a knife-wielding robber.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the 56-year-old worker was alone at the Arby’s when she heard the doorbell and thought it was a coworker coming back for something. Nope — it was a man brandishing a knife and ordering her to give him the store’s money, reports the Dayton Daily News.

The woman said he cornered her in the office, but she pushed past him and made it to the driv-thru window where she yelled for help and then slipped out.

“I had pushed him away…because I’m like, ‘I’m not going to die in Arby’s tonight… I’m just not,’ ” she said. We hear you loud and clear. No one wants that fate.

Someone nearby heard her screams and called the cops, and the would-be robber ran off with nothing. And this wasn’t the first incident, apparently. Other news outlets reported that it was the third robbery attempt at that Arby’s in six months.

But Arby’s doesn’t seem to be too proud of its employee for the quick thinking that saved her life, and gave the woman the boot for violating its safety and security policy. A company spokesperson said he was sorry about her ordeal, but she knew the rules — you can’t be alone in the restaurant.

Maybe it doesn’t matter, because after almost 23 years of working at the chain the woman says now, “I don’t want my job back.”

Probably a good call, at this point.

Arby’s fires manager who escaped armed robber [Dayton Daily News]

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