Sunbelt Granola Bars Class Things Up, Shrink Bars Along The Way

Brad is a daily eater of Sunbelt brand granola bars, so he’s someone who would notice when something changes. As part of a recent rebranding, Sunbelt shrank their bars by quite a bit, increasing the total price per ounce. Reader Brad noticed this and was disappointed. He complained, and got a refund for his trouble. What’s interesting, though, is how the packaging changed in other ways. It’s like the brand got a makeover before it seeks out a classier upscale clientele.

This isn’t a case of the Grocery Shrink ray in action, though. Sunbelt is clearly looking for a different customer base, not shrinking an item almost imperceptibly while hoping to keep the customers it has.

One of those customers they’re about to lose is clearly Brad. He writes:

I’ve eaten a Sunbelt granola bar virtually every day for at least 15 years. Recently, they shrank by 40 percent and increased their price per ounce. I complained to Sunbelt and they sent me a refund for $2.69.

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