How Can A Break-Up Horror Story Have A Happy Ending? With A $400 Delta Voucher, That’s How

Consumerist reader Lauren was feeling a bit peeved at Delta. No, it’s not the airline’s fault that she and her boyfriend broke up a week before going to an out-of-town wedding. And no, it’s not Delta’s problem that she had purchased two non-refundable tickets for the trip. But it was kinda annoying that Delta’s policy said she’d have to pay a $150 change fee just for him to not fly, and he’d also get the credit for the remainder of the ticket’s price, since it was in his name.

She writes that she understands there’s no policy regarding ill-timed breakups, but seriously? Why should he get a free credit? She thought all she’d walk away with was a lesson on not buying flights for anyone, ever. But then on the return trip home from the wedding, her luck turned.

My flight was oversold and the gate attendant asked if I’d like to volunteer to be on a later flight in exchange for a $400 Delta voucher. I eagerly took her up on the offer, hopped over to the gate next door and boarded a flight that left just 20 minutes later and got me into my home city only an hour after I had originally planned.

All of the Delta agents — despite being terribly understaffed that Sunday evening — were incredibly pleasant (one agent kept referencing me as “my Lauren”) and were doing all they could to put the customer first. Well done, Delta!

She adds that with that $400 voucher, she managed to score a flight home for Christmas that otherwise would’ve likely cost her more than that. Sometimes break-ups aren’t all that bad, eh?

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