Installing Windows 8 Will Void Your Newegg Warranty, Too

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Our archive is still unavailable due to baddies attacking our site a few weeks ago, but loyal readers may remember the saga of Norma, the Newegg customer who tried to exchange a non-working laptop for a working one after she had installed Linux on it. This time, Newegg is playing its  to a customer who had the audacity to upgrade his new laptop to a preview version of Windows 8. In the case of Linux user Norma, Newegg ultimately gave in, issuing her a refund and assuring Consumerist that it’s totally okay to exchange a defective system with a different operating system on it. Undercover readers posing as customers were, of course, told the opposite.

Carlos, the Windows 8 user, tried to return a defective computer. Depending on the specific model he purchased, usually Newegg’s return policy indicates that he would get an even exchange for a working laptop of the same model, not a refund. What’s confusing here is that when Carlos requested a refund instead of a new laptop, he was told that wasn’t an option because he had changed the operating system, which voids the warranty. Shouldn’t it have voided the warranty enough to prevent an even exchange, too?

Here’s the raw chat log of this baffling encounter with Newegg.

Newegg Chat Rep: Hi, my name is [redacted]. How may I help you?

Carlos: so

Newegg Chat Rep: I’d be happy to help you with that. May I please have a moment to look into this for you?

Carlos: yes

Carlos: i have a case open with paypal because i returned a laptop and i want a refund

Carlos: the case is being reviewed but for some reason you guys keep sending me a new laptop, i already sent an email to you saying i dont want a new laptop i just want a refund

Carlos: this is the second time you guys try to send me the laptop Sales Order Number: [redacted]

Carlos: hello?

Newegg Chat Rep: Thank you very much for waiting. I’m actually still looking into this for you. Can you please hold for just
another moment?

Carlos: ok

Newegg Chat Rep: Thank you for holding, Carlos. Since the original manufacturer operating system has been removed
cannot access restore partition, this voids Newegg warranty.

Newegg Chat Rep: So your item will be returned to you.

Carlos: the item is in dispute by paypal and I do not want the laptop at least until paypal makes a decision. I wrote before I want to remain a customer with newegg but this experience left me hurt, the laptop that I installed windows 8 in wasn’t charging the battery correctly was missing ram and probably other things that I missed.

Newegg Chat Rep: Carlos, we apologize. Since the item is your’s and we are unable to honor the return.

Newegg Chat Rep: You can do whatever you want about the item.

Carlos: so you’re telling me you’re sending me a bad computer on top of that?

Newegg Chat Rep: But we are sorry that this item does not belongs to newegg so we will return it to you.

Carlos: i’ll keep deniying the item and ask ups never to deliver a newegg package again, thanks for confirming the kind of company you are

Newegg Chat Rep: Carlos, please be advised that we do honor replacement for defective item, but the item has voided our warranty since the original OS has been removed.

Carlos: look missing parts has nothing to do with installing an OS

Newegg Chat Rep: Please be advised that all the notebooks for RAM must have the original OS.

Newegg Chat Rep: Or the manufacturer will not honor us the return.

Carlos: what are you talking about ? ram is a physical aspect of the computer regardeless of the operating system the ram was not there physically it was absent !

Newegg Chat Rep: The RAM is a part of the item, we need replacement the whole item for replacement but the
original system has removed, we are sorry to say that we are unable to honor the return now.

Carlos:  so you are saying because i installed windows its ok that you sell me a non working computer with missing parts?

Newegg Chat Rep: Carlos, if the item is defective, we do honor the replacement if the original OS can be restored.

Carlos: so if i install windows 7 you guys can give me my money back?

Newegg Chat Rep: Carlos, we need the original OS.

Carlos:  yes i know i have original backup discs, so if i return it to windows 7 the original os will i get my
money back?

Newegg Chat Rep: Ok. In this case, please restore the original OS and we will honor you the replacement.

Carlos:  i want a refund

Newegg Chat Rep:  After double consulting in this issue with my supervisor, we confirm that we can only honor you refund
as store credit after you restored the original OS.

Carlos: if i get store credit will it be indefinite meaning that it will not expire at some point?

Newegg Chat Rep: Basically, instead of a refund, we would email you a gift card. The gift card does not expire.

Carlos: ok i’ll have to think about that, so the laptop you’re sending me Sales Order Number: [redacted] it’s the original one with the missing 2gb of ram and non charging battery?

Newegg Chat Rep: We are returning what we received to you.

Newegg Chat Rep: I notice that you have been idle for 3 minutes. Would you still like to continue this chat?

Carlos: ok so when i receive it i’ll install windows 7 and return it to you and i’ll get the newegg gift card for 366.86 USD

Newegg Chat Rep:  Yes, if you can restore the original OS, we will honor you the refund as store credit.

Newegg Chat Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Carlos: ok thats ok

Newegg Chat Rep: Thank you for contacting Newegg. I hope you have an Eggcellent day!

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