McDonald’s Sees It Share Of Fast Food Fury This Week With Stolen Cars & French Fry Rage

Fast food restaurants are often the scene of some decidedly tense scenes, a few which turn into full-blown crimes. To that point, McDonald’s has had a doozy of a week: In one incident, a man upset over onions on his burger goes into rage mode and in another, a suspected car thief swipes a vehicle from Arby’s and swings through the McD’s drive-thru for some snacks on the run.

In the case of Mr. “I said no onions on my quarter pounder burger,” an Oregon man was arrested for throwing soda in a McDonald’s manager’s face after the ingredients in question were found on his food. He also smashed a cash register, which is very bad behavior.

According to The Oregonian, the man apparently ordered the burger, left the restaurant and went home. Upon arriving and unwrapping, the accursed onions made him so mad that he called McD’s and asked for a refund and a new burger. But when he got back to the location, he didn’t bring back the allegedly onioned burger.

The cashier denied him a refund since it seemed he’d eaten the burger anyway, noted cops, sending the man into a “McFury.” Because he was mad at McDonald’s, ya see? After breaking some glass, throwing drinks and smashing the register he drove off, only to be arrested shortly after.

Over in Michigan, cops were hot on the tail of an alleged car thief who lifted a vehicle from an Arby’s parking lot. But perhaps Arby’s wasn’t what his palate demanded at that time, because the man made sure to hit up McDonald’s drive-thru with his newly acquired ride, reports the Associated Press.

The town’s Public Safety Director Mike Pousak tells he doesn’t know if the man “wanted a Big Mac for the ride or what.” Along with stealing a car, the man ended up taking the owner’s pooch for a ride, as the dog was inside the car at the time of the theft. Don’t worry, Rover is doing fine and is back with his owner. Whew.

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