Target Creates “Shoppable” Film To Sell You Target Products While You Watch

Are you sick of movies that try to ruin solid product placement with things like plot, action, and characters? Do you also ache to see B-list TV actors cashing a paycheck by appearing in extended commercials for a discount retailer? Then the folks at Target have got the show for you!

Target is set to launch a “short film series” called Falling For You, in which Kristen Bell — an actual actress who has been paid to star in actual movies and TV shows — plays some sort of Target employee… blah blah blah, we stopped listening, but we’re pretty sure that romantic nonsense ensues.

The real draw here is that all five people who will eventually watch this web series will apparently be able to click on various Target items and order them, all without interrupting the dramatic arc of a rom-com set inside a Target fashion show.

“What you’re watching in the movie, you can actually shop,” explains co-star Zachary Abel, presumably while wondering if there are infomercial groupies. “So you can click on it — boom — it’s gonna be in your carts and it’s gonna show up on your doorstep. And I think it’s something that’s really going to change advertising.”

Adds Bell, who has been in way too many things to justify such obvious shilling, “Sometimes I’ve been watching a movie and thought, ‘Oh, I really want that couch or that… you know.’ Because you have all these beautiful aesthetics in front of you and you kind of what to know how to incorporate them into your life.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never once looked at a Target bathmat and been puzzled about where it could be incorporated into my life.

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