Comcast Installer Thought This Mess Of Cables Was Less Of An Eyesore Than Running Them Along Floor

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone’s a critic. So while Consumerist reader Stephen looks at the black cables left on his wall by a Comcast installer and sees an ugly mess, others might see something that belongs in a museum.

Stephen and his wife had just moved into the temporary apartment they will call home until their new house is ready for move-in. But even if it’s only just a few months, they still need access to cable and Internet.

Not only did the Comcast installer not have the white cable which many of us have come to think of as standard for in-home installations, he decided to just slap the cabling all along the walls of Stephen’s hallway.

“When I asked him why he could not have just gone around the door frames or on the carpet he told me it could not be done. He said it would ‘stick out’ if it was on the carpet,” he tells Consumerist. “Because this doesn’t stick out at all.”

“If this wasn’t a temporary home I’d have someone from Comcast come back out and redo this,” he adds.

In addition to the slapdash installation job, the installer could not get the Internet connection to work. “When he called Comcast himself to troubleshoot it, he was on hold… for over an hour,” Stephen writes. “Finally, his boss told him he had to leave and go do other jobs even though he was still on hold. So he left without getting my internet set up. I finally got that taken care of 5 days later.”

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