Doctors: Big Backyard Trampolines Are Dangerous, Really Just A Bad Idea In General

I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit how envious I was of any friends of mine growing up who had ginormous backyard trampoline on which to flip, bounce and otherwise soar through the air. But despite all that fun, pediatricians say trampolines are “intrinsically dangerous.”

A group of pediatricians updated a policy statement on the safety or lack thereof involved in owning trampolines, and say their use should be strongly discouraged, reports USA Today.

Setting up nets and padding to help lessen any potential injuries that could be incurred by bouncing off the equipment is all well and good, but don’t really do much to prevent harm, says the co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ statement on trampoline safety. That statement was published in the journal Pediatrics.

Notes USA Today:

About 75% of trampoline injuries occur when multiple people are jumping, and kids 5 and under are usually at greater risk for significant injury, the group says. Fractures and dislocations make up 48% of injuries. Common injuries in all age groups include sprains, strains and contusions.

While the docs say trampolines can be dangerous, they add that when they’re used as part a structured athletic training regime, for example, in gymnastics, that’s a lot more acceptable.

Proponents of trampolines say they can be a great source of exercise, something Americans sorely need.

“It’s one of the few forms of exercise kids want to do,” explains the president of one trampoline company.

In any case, children should be closely supervised while jumping. And don’t let their friends double-bounce them because that always results in whiplash. Believe me.

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