American Airlines Employees Scoop Up My Wallet, Save The Day

Image courtesy of (The Consumerist)

Reader HogwartsProfessor has one of the rarest of all consumer stories to share: a positive story about an item left behind on a plane and airline employees. Yes, the problem was entirely her fault, but their staff on the ground were kind and helpful, creating a chain of kindness that reunited H.P. with her wallet and got her on the next plane with no extra fees.

She writes:

Yesterday, I flew home from Los Angeles on your airline, after a trip to meet friends at the Hollywood Bowl.  At my connection gate at DFW, I reached into my backpack and discovered I had lost my wallet.

I had taken it out to pay for my fruit and cheese plate (yay!) and thought I put it back in, but realized I must have left it in the seat pocket.  All my money, my ID, my phone, and my card were in there.  You can imagine my panic.

I went immediately to the gate agent and he called the previous gate for me.  The plane was still there and they found it! He sent me back to the gate, but when I got there, no one was around.

I went to the Information desk and the man found another agent, who checked with another agent, who finally found a man who helped me.  I didn’t get his name–it might have been [F].  He finally found the flight attendant, who was on the jetway with my wallet, and returned it to me.  Then he booked me on the next flight home, since I’d missed my connection.  Everything in my wallet was intact. 🙂

I only lost an hour of travel time and regained my property, even though it was my fault in the first place for stupidly leaving my wallet in the pocket. Many, many thanks to American and DFW’s excellent employees!!!

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