Two London Residents Find Dead Frogs In Their Tesco Spinach

We’ve come to use the tag “free frogs” for any story about unexpected dead animals in one’s food. Over in the United Kingdom, they’re apparently running some kind of regional free-frog promotion. Two London customers of chain retailer Tesco have found dead frogs in their spinach in the last week.

While eating a salad made from fresh spinach that was supposed to be pre-washed, a 26-year-old actress made the startling discovery. “It must have been after five minutes that my fork went through something that wasn’t meant to be there, and pierced this poor little frog,” she told the Hackney Gazette. She even snapped a picture of the creature. What she didn’t do was save the frog, but she got a £10 gift card for her trouble, and an apology from the company.

We can only think of one thing when the words “England” and “frog” are mentioned in the context of food, and not just because Fark got there first.

Shoreditch actress finds dead frog with its tongue hanging out in her Tesco spinach salad [Hackney Gazette] (Warning: photo of dead frog with adorable tongue sticking out)

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