Driver Films Officer Ticketing His Car Even Though Minutes Are Left On Meter

Usually, when someone whips out a camera during a dispute, the other party is reluctant to be filmed. But a man in California who claims to have been ticketed for an expired parking meter — even though there was still time left — found a willing subject in the parking enforcement officer who wrote the ticket.

In a video that’s already topped 150,000 views in just a couple days, the man says he and his girlfriend had parked at the meter while eating lunch nearby.

He claims that his girlfriend paid for one hour on the meter with her credit card (and says he has documentation to prove that), so they were surprised to come out to the car and find an officer writing up a ticket.

The video (see below) appears to show five minutes remaining on the meter, which the driver points out to the officer, who seems undeterred.

The ticket-writer even pauses to show his ID to the camera before walking off.

The driver claims that he did not put any additional coins in the meter, but all there is right now is his word on that.

He also says that when he contacted the parking authorities, he was told the ticket had not yet been entered into the system, but he could pay the $63 if he wanted. Otherwise, he would need to wait until it was entered before he could file a dispute.

Thanks to Missy for the tip!

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