Driver Films Officer Ticketing His Car Even Though Minutes Are Left On Meter

Usually, when someone whips out a camera during a dispute, the other party is reluctant to be filmed. But a man in California who claims to have been ticketed for an expired parking meter — even though there was still time left — found a willing subject in the parking enforcement officer who wrote the ticket.

In a video that’s already topped 150,000 views in just a couple days, the man says he and his girlfriend had parked at the meter while eating lunch nearby.

He claims that his girlfriend paid for one hour on the meter with her credit card (and says he has documentation to prove that), so they were surprised to come out to the car and find an officer writing up a ticket.

The video (see below) appears to show five minutes remaining on the meter, which the driver points out to the officer, who seems undeterred.

The ticket-writer even pauses to show his ID to the camera before walking off.

The driver claims that he did not put any additional coins in the meter, but all there is right now is his word on that.

He also says that when he contacted the parking authorities, he was told the ticket had not yet been entered into the system, but he could pay the $63 if he wanted. Otherwise, he would need to wait until it was entered before he could file a dispute.

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  1. Abradax says:

    So now you get to pay 63 dollars in tickets, or fight it in court and pay 200 dollars in court costs even with proof that there were shenanigans.

    • glich says:

      I some places you can appeal by mail. send a dvd of video and statement most likely go away. Generally you don’t pay chort costs if you win.

      • dangermike says:

        I’ve gotten a similar bogus system in LA, although I’m pretty sure it was a more sophisticated scam. The half hour I bought in a meter on Avalon in beautiful downtown Wilmington was up in less than 25 minutes and the meter maid was almost done writing her ticket and too busy talking on her bluetooth to bother answer any of my questions or even acknowledge my existence. She made a few glaring errors, too, such as listing the make of my Mini Cooper as a Toyota and its color as silver rather than green (BRG, to be specific, which could hardly be mistaken). Between the parking ticket and an additional ticket for having no front plate, I was out $75. I thought about borrowing a Nist-certified and calibrated timer from work and proving that the meters were gamed so I could show it to the evening news but I know how things are in LA. It would blow up for a few days but ultimately nothing would be done. I haven’t bought time on another parking meter in LA since. It’s a bummer, too. That little Tokyo Grill on Avalon and Anaheim is a nice place run by some really nice people. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to subject myself to the abuses of the LA Parking Enforcement department again.

        What I recommend to the OP is contacting the FBI. This is racketeering and fraud, plain and simple. A wide scale investigation would easily prove that. I still kind of regret not doing something similar. (I did appeal. It was ignored.)

        • Coleoptera Girl says:

          Ignored? That amazes me. The car description on the ticket did not match your car… I’d think that in and of itself would invalidate your ticket.

          • dangermike says:

            yes, I was rather shocked, too. They simply revised the citation and said, “pay up anyway.” Apparently state law allows it. And I would have to paid over $300 to try to take it to court, not to mention the time off work to collect data on the meters and argue the case.

            One of the funniest things was when Villaraigosa announced the new parking meter system which is all wifi enabled will let drivers connect to the system on a smart phone app to find available parking, he realized midsentence that the big thing a few months ago was just how dangerous it is to use phones while driver and stammered on about that and how you shouldn’t use the new system unless you pull over to use your phone. The local talk jocks had a field day with it… “So if you can’t find a parking space all you have to do is go park to use your app to find a parking space?!”

            I hate LA.

            • lee says:

              wow in the UK any error on the ticket is invalid, its to stop fake tickets from been issued out

              most just drive off before they can issue the ticket or the Pay by SMS when they see them hovering over the car (most ticketers just ignore Payby SMS streets after an bit as they give up as they only payed 1 min ago when they check it on the PDA to see if they have payed)

              • shepd says:

                Yeah, up here it’s a little less stringent. Basically, if they get the right plate number in, they’re good if they want to put effort in to revise things. Heck, I had an unsigned parking ticket once and the judge said the ticket was still good. Moving violations are held up to a higher standard, so in that case they need to get certain other details correct.

        • CalicoGal says:

          From one MINI owner to another (Astro Black R53, here!), that is a complete travesty to list a BRG MINI as a silver Toyota.

          • dangermike says:

            Very late R53 here. And I’ll admit the silver wasn’t completely out of nowhere; it was my roof/mirror color. I never have seen another one with that specific combo, either. As far as I’m aware, it was only offered for a few months, probably ’05 builds of ’06 models. Looks way better than BRG/W, too. IMHO, anyway.

        • hobochangbar says:

          I got a ticket once, and after I paid & got my receipt noticed the license plate # was wrong on the receipt. The hand written ticket was pretty clear but when entered into their database digits got transposed. So there was no ticket in the system against my license plate. I asked for the check back but got only a chuckle. Well, the dude with my check chuckled, I didn’t. There is an on-line site to check for ticket against your plate which I should have & will now always check before paying for a ticket.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:


    • ovvnt says:

      I once got out of a parking ticket because the meter maid said my car was a BMW, when its actually a Mazda. Just sent in a copy of my registration and I was good to go!

      Much easier than putting money into a meter while the ticket is being issued, recording it and making a fuss about it on the interwebs.

      • samonela says:

        So in other words, take off all of your Mazda badges and replace them with BMW ones?


      • AzCatz07 says:

        I was pulled over for speeding several years ago. My license was in the trunk of my car in an overnight bag. Since I knew my license number by heart, the cop told me not to bother with retrieving my actual license; he’d just run it on the computer. For some reason, he issued the ticket to Jane Doe instead of to my correct name. I didn’t notice it until I went to send in the check for the ticket. I mailed in the payment anyway (it was about $250). I wasn’t fighting it because I knew I was i the wrong for speeding.

        A week or so later, I received the check back from city court with a note attached that said my case had been dismissed since the officer did not have my correct name on the ticket.

    • SpeakR40Dead says:

      Let’s look at the clues.
      1- The video was started as the officer was placing the ticket on the car. (How long does it take to check the meter and write a ticket?)
      2- The girlfriend said it was five minutes first then the guy says it was six and then the video says it was 5. (We can assume that the guy saw the meter first with six minutes left and the girl saw it later than him with five minutes remaining… both before the video started)
      3- The body language of the officer is a ‘just doing my job’, non-confrontational and non-defensive as someone caught in the act. (this isn’t screaming bad officer at all)
      4- LA meters charge between $0.50 to $6 an hour depending on demand. And only show whole minutes (there are plenty of open spots so parking isn’t in high demand)

      Since I dabble in magic I always assume things are always possible and look for how it could be done. SO… I am looking at how he possibly DO it (if in fact he did is another story).

      My scenario: he comes out sees he is getting a ticket and looks at the [expired] meter. Panicking, he drops in a coin and sees that it puts six minutes on the meter. (this could be either 5 cents @ $0.50/h or 10 cents @ $1/h meter rate) He then points this out to his friend and starts pulling out the camcorder while his friend sees that it is now at 5 minutes (5 minutes 50 seconds?). As the video is then recording we watch along. As six minutes was the first number he saw as the video shows and the friend saw 5 minutes it points to the magical number 6 which is easily added with one coin. (57 seconds in the video it is at 4 minutes)

      I am not saying he’s guilty—I am just saying it is TOTALLY possible. And I say that because I have done a lot of stuff trying to get out of tickets.

      • dangermike says:

        Trust me. I work in LA. The meters are gamed. They don’t even try to hide it. The courts ignore it (less revenue if they fix the system), the local PD’s don’t care to investigate it (meter maids and cops are represented by the same unions, and run by the same crooks), the representatives in the city and county governments are most likely in on the scam and those that aren’t are either too small a minority to fight it or afraid of the consequences should they blow it open. A federal investigation might get somewhere, but would require a preponderance of evidence prior to being launched. I can’t help but be reminded of the racketeering case against the city of Huntington Beach for their speed traps on PCH. This is quite similar. It’s often said that organized crime didn’t make it to the west coast. That is wrong. They’re part of the power structure here. Especially in LA. And all they require to continue to be successful in their scams is for good people to look the other way.

        • SpeakR40Dead says:

          To ease your mind of such notions try this first.

          Buy a half an hour, mark the time and watch the meter. It costs a half an hour of your time plus parking charges and you get a first person account if the meter winds down faster than actual time. Record that on video and send to the media.

          There is no need to bring the FBI or anyone else to bust this ‘gamed system’ you yourself can bust this thing wide open for everyone to see AND BE THE HERO. That is unless the media is in on it too and the federal government too—then I am afraid it wouldn’t really matter will it.

          • spartan says:

            This type of mete is electronic and not mechanical. Chances are it is totally accurate.

            • dangermike says:

              I think they run fast. They know people won’t stand around and watch. They also don’t activate without a car parked, and they uplink to Parking Enforcement several minutes in advance so the meter maids can arrive around when it’s going to expire. I suspect they have devices to run down the last several minutes, as well, but of course I can’t prove it. I have no qualms in making allegations of foul play. I sincerely do believe LA’s parking Enforcement is a racketeering scam, and that a federal investigation should be pursued. The last time I parked at a meter in LA (and I mean I made to the conscious decision to never do so again), I bought half an hour and received a ticket at around 25 minutes, at least according to the clock in my cell phone. I won’t claim absolute precision from it, but I guarantee it’s not off by more than a few seconds a day, and couldn’t possibly have been wrong by 5 minutes in 30. But somehow, 25 minutes after paying for 30, there was the meter maid, dutifully filling out a ticket. She got me on an absent front plate, too, so I was out $75. I quit doing any shopping shopping in LA as a result. I kind of feel bad for the restaurants I used to frequent on my lunch break but since I don’t live in LA county, that’s about $700 in sales tax revenue the city hasn’t gotten since then. Screw ’em. Can’t wait for the big one to send the whole damn basin into the ocean. The world will be a better place.

      • spartan says:

        The meter will have a computerized log of all payments, both coin and credit card.

        Either the girlfriend slipped a coin or she didn’t; either way there is a time-stamped record of all transactions.

      • veronykah says:

        LOL a meter in LA that take a dime or a nickel.
        Where are those?
        That one only takes quarters or dollars.

    • Lucky225 says:

      Not sure about parking tickets, but in California TRAFFIC tickets only require the ‘fine’ amount as bail if you wish to fight in court OR trial by declaration via mail. The entire amount of the fine that you pay, is returned as a check from the court if your charge is dismissed.

  2. highfructosepornsyrup says:

    Assuming, for the sake of argument, that this guy is 100% provably correct about what happened, I think there needs to be more consequences than the ticket being ripped up. Maybe every ticket ever issued by the untrustworthy ticketed should be retroactively cancelled (and he should be fired of course).

  3. Scooter McGee says:

    Similar problems in Indianapolis now that it has been outsourced. The Park Mobile app doesn’t always update the meter. I ended up with a ticket and chose to fight it. Fortunately I still had the email that stated the start and end times that I paid for and it was canceled.

    A few weeks later, I walk back to my car seeing the ‘parking ambassador’ working on his device. I questioned him and he said my meter was expired. Pulled up the email on my phone calling BS. He had to refresh his device to get the latest data. So now I find myself trying to park wherever I don’t need to use the meters since there is a trust issue.

  4. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    The driver claims that he did not put any additional coins in the meter, but all there is right now is his word on that.

    There is a time on the VISA receipt and a time on the citation. What are they?

    • Scooter McGee says:

      Does the meter give a receipt? The meters here do not. My guess is the documentation is a line on the bank account saying they’ve paid $x.xx.

      • haoshufu says:

        I suppose you can go to your credit card company and ask for a record of exactly when the transaction was processed.

        • TheMansfieldMauler says:

          Right. The CC company knows exactly when it was swiped, down to the second. A phone call will get the info.

  5. Sham says:

    Contact the local media. I’m sure they’ll have a field day when they look to see if this employee has done the same thing in the past. Some public disclosure requests and they will have some great investigation stories to air.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Question is, how many times have complaints actually gotten through – further, how many times has he done this and LATER the meter expired and someone returns to find the ticket – they “deserved” the ticket perhaps, but the attendent still gave it to them incorrectly.

      Thinking about it, this is probably something meter maids so a lot – because if there’s less than 6 minutes on the meter, they hedge their bets that the person won’t make it anyway.

    • dangermike says:

      Best case scenario, the employee filmed will be “laid off” (which, here, would mean sent on paid leave while the case is “investigated”) for a few weeks util the whole thing blows over and be either reinstated or transferred to a better job. Maybe he could end up in the DWP and drive city trucks while drinking beer and then go enjoy a strip club while still on the clock. That’s been known to happen:

      Honestly, I’ve lost faith that LA will ever be anything but a hellhole. It just seems to be in the culture here that this sort of thing goes on almost completely unquestioned.

  6. oldwiz65 says:

    They know full well you are unlikely to spend the money to fight the ticket. I’m only surprised they didn’t confiscate his camera and arrest him.

  7. Michael Belisle says:

    It’s an electronic meter, so I’d assume that all timing questions can be answered by looking up the time stamps in “the system” when they file a dispute.

    I have a hard time believing that the meter maid would write a ticket with time left on the meter when it should be easily verifiable wether or not the meter was actually expired.

  8. Sham says:

    Just found the following:

    Specifically, the following video description:

    “No one likes the meter maids and it’s easy to point fingers. But when we found this video we wondered if the man plugged the meter before shooting the video. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation says the new electronic meters keep track down to the second. They say their records show the meter expired at 3:59:43PM and it apprears a dime was inserted into the meter at 4:02:06! We’ve reached out to do the video uploader for comment.”

    • ovvnt says:

      makes sense. 10cents for 5 minutes which was on the clock when the video started.

    • Coffee says:

      I was a little curious, just from the behavior of the two people in the video…the meter maid seems terrified, and part of me wondered if the guy verbally accosted him moments before and he was just trying to get the hell out of there with his person intact.

    • veronykah says:

      If you look at the meter, it doesn’t take dimes. Most of the meters in LA only take quarters or dollars.

  9. Jawaka says:

    Why is Consumerist calling the guy a meter MAID?

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Why is Jawaka unaware that maid is a non-gender-based word; that men can be maids as much as women, just like men can be nurses.

      • Bsamm09 says:

        It’s pronounced “Doctor”, not “nurse”.

        • MarkFL says:

          If you have a degree in nursing and call yourself a doctor, the state licensing board will definitely want to schedule you for an appointment. And they won’t care if you’re a man or a woman.

      • MuleHeadJoe says:

        Um, no. Maid *is* a gender specific term, just like man is gender specific. What we used to call firemen and policemen are now called firefighters and police officers. And meter-maids are now called parking enforcement personnel. But due to the complete lack of respect earned or deserved by that profession, we still call them meter-maids :-D

        • Kitamura says:

          Are we supposed to call them meter-butlers?

        • shepd says:

          Actually, fireman and policeman are gender neutral, despite what feminists claim. Look up the word “man” (or “men”). It is ONLY gender specific if you want it to be.

          You can also look up “fireman” and “policeman”, both of which are also defined as “person” not “male” for each profession.

          Of course, I also chuckle at forms that request my gender, rather than sex. I think I’ll start writing in “Undecided”.

          • chancyrendezvous says:

            I’m guessing you wouldn’t particularly enjoy “ladies” taking the supposedly gender-neutral place of “guys.” As in asking a group of men, “Hi, ladies, are you ready to order?” or “Are you ready to go, ladies?” This is the same reaction some women have to “man” being used a gender-neutral term.

            And for the record, sex and gender can indeed be two very different things.

            • shepd says:

              Yes, some women respond abnormally to the term. It is unfortunate.

              Ladies, however, has been used for female only washrooms for, well, since I was born, anyways, and well before that based on old movies I’ve watched. That being said, when I was born, a policeman or fireman just meant a person doing that job. The gender-ism didn’t get seriously involved until I got into middle school. And that’s sad, because those terms only became polluted when certain people (I’m not going to pretend it’s just women, because it isn’t, there’s plenty of bigoted men who championed the cause–perhaps even more than women) decided they meant something other than what society had used the terms for since the jobs were created.

              However, for all I know ladies was corrupted in the same manner, in which case, now I feel sad.

      • arcticJKL says:

        But of course it is a feminine word, like ship.

  10. dush says:

    Parking meter maid had a quota to fill.

  11. VicMatson says:

    One time I went to court and the fine was reduced, but after I realized that with court cost it was more expensive! The second blow is when I paid by credit card…the Maryland traffic court added a credit card fee of 9%.

    Isn’t that against Visa rules?

  12. Happy Tinfoil Cat says:

    Looks like the meter maid can file for slander.

  13. who? says:

    Back before phones came with video cameras, I got a ticket like this. I knew that the meter was going to expire at 3:52, so I got out the car at 3:51 to find the meter clicking over from green to red, and a ticket already on the windshield, dated two minutes in the future. The meter maid had already vanished.

  14. EP2012 says:

    Maybe future meters will allow tickets to be written directly from the meter itself… so it timestamps everything and there’s no way that either party could scam the other.

    • RayanneGraff says:

      Doubt it. The city would never allow something so fair & sensible!

    • MarkFL says:

      Actually, that sounds like a pretty simple concept. We already have traffic light cameras. I would think it would be even easier to install a meter with a camera that takes a picture of the car and tag. Probably a good use of resources, too, because if the PD isn’t paying officers to write tickets, the manpower can be better used elsewhere.

      • Michael Belisle says:

        You could take the human out of the loop, but that sounds like an invasion of the right to break the law when nobody is looking. It’ll be fought tooth and nail by people who think that red light runners should only get ticketed if we waste tax money paying a cop to sit at the light. (Then they’ll continue to argue that it was a trap, what an prick, etc.)

  15. RayanneGraff says:

    Seems to me that the meter maid just assumed that they weren’t gonna get back in time, so he was safe writing a preemptive ticket. This probably happens all the time, they just caught the guy this time. Shit like this is why I find a regular spot far away from any meters if I can & just walk to my destination. Parking fines are some the most bullshit fines ever. The parking meter was invented solely to make money.

  16. PeriMedic says:

    Meter Maid trivia: At the PD I worked for decades ago in SoCal, we had 20 times more assaults on meter maids than cops; the entire budget of the PD was covered by parking tickets (so the “I pay your salary” had no validity, unless you got a lot of parking tickets; there were strict requirements for number of tickets each Parking Control Officer had to write, so your chance of getting a break were nil.

  17. 007 says:

    In Seattle this is routine. They even admitted it. They figure “you’re not going to make it back and they ticket it anyway.”

  18. bhr says:

    Now that this camera man has been proven to be a liar and fraud I hope all those people calling for the meter maid to be fired or jailed would like to change their mind.

  19. dullard says:

    There is another scenario that hasn’t been considered. If there was time on the meter when OP arrived and put enough money in for one hour, the time remaining on the meter would be more than one hour. When he received the ticket he many have exceeded the hour he purchased and the meter would still show time remaining.

    Although it is not commonly known, many jurisdictions do not allow using time already on the meter when you arrive. In other words, if there were five minutes on the meter when you arrive and you pay for one hour, you are only entitled to park for one hour. The other five minutes belong to the previous driver and cannot be used by you. Newer meters sense the absence of a vehicle in the space and reset the meter to zero.

    Could that be the case here?

    • moonunitrappa says:

      LA meters reset to 0:00 upon payment and you can only buy the maximum allowed as mentioned on street signs near the meters. The only way to use extra time is the f-ing sit there and wait for it to be used up….unless you’re in Santa Monica where if you roll off the spot, it auto resets to empty/no time.

    • MarkFL says:

      This would basically mean that a space with time on it becomes an illegal parking space until the time expires. Not very practical, unless the meter resets as moonunit mentioned.

  20. herblock says:

    Once I got a ticket at a double meter, that because of a tree planter box wasn’t evenly between the cars. I was parked on the north meter and the ticket was written on my car but for the south meter. I waited for the next meter maid and showed he the error. (Fortunately I was parked outside a brewpub). Took a couple of calls and a couple of letters so win. Soon they moved the meter to be center of the two spots.
    I wouldn’t have wasted my time, but this town is a pain on parking. One ticket they raised the fine as I didn’t pay within 24 hours. However I sent the payment on the same day, certified mail. Wasn’t my fault they waited 8 days to pick up the letter.
    I once wrote a letter to the local paper stating for the money I spend there I should get a free parking pass.

  21. GitEmSteveDaveHatesChange says:

    Any chance the OP had the wrong spot/meter? Many places it is as confusing as a Florida Presidential ballot to figure out if you are properly lined up. To the traffic officer, it’s easy, but to the lay person, it isn’t.

    • MarkFL says:

      FTR…I lived in Palm Beach County in 2000. *I* had no problem figuring out the ballot. It seemed pretty straightforward to me.

      Only once did I ever make a mistake, and it wasn’t because of the ballot. It was one of the lower profile races that I had to research, and if I hadn’t brought the sample ballot I might have forgotten which candidate I had chosen. As soon as I punched the ballot (this was when they had the punchcards) I realized I had the wrong name. I immediately went to the pollworker, and they had me tear up the ballot and gave me a new one.

  22. Dr. Shrinker says:

    In Chicago I once got a ticket for parking in a school zone, where it was clearly marked “No Parking on School Days.” The day I parked was Columbus Day, which is a school holiday in Chicago. When I sent in my letter of dispute, I politely and professionally pointed out that the date on the ticket itself PROVED I had not parked on a school day. The Chicago PD responded by rejecting my dispute with no explanation, and doubling the price of the ticket because they took so long to respond.

    • moonunitrappa says:

      That’s when you pay the bill in 1 dollar bills folded into origami pigs.

    • SmokeyBacon says:

      That is crappy, but the problem is that not all schools take the same holidays off (for example Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday, but my boyfriend’s school district in Cicero (on the Chicago border) is in session that day but they take it as an “observed” holiday on a different date – this year on 11/21). So even if it was a Federal Holiday it could have been a school day. Cicero does take Columbus Day though.

  23. Robert Nagel says:

    The credit card company will have the exact time the charge went through for the hour of parking. The ticket will have the exact time it was issued. If it was issued less than one hour after the charge the meter can be shown to be defective. Get the documents, write a short report and mail it off to appeal the ticket. It should work. If not go to court and have them explain to the judge. Judges get ticket too, so they might have a bit of empathy.
    If all else fails go to the local TV station. They have hundreds of hours to fill every month.

  24. ecuador says:

    Eh, there is an interesting update on the youtube page:

    Update 9/19/12 ~1AM: I just received this in my inbox…

    “I cannot believe the timing of this whole scenario… Don’t know if you remember or not, but there were three guys about to cross the street and head toward the Coffee Bean as you and your girlfriend were coming off the sidewalk. You kind of ran ahead of her to fend of the impending ticket. When you got to the car, I don’t know what you said to the guy, but you didn’t look at the meter at first. I was thinking maybe you wouldn’t at all, and you would just take the ticket…but then you looked.

    The crazy thing is that we had jumped out of my truck, and the meter guy was just walking up to your car. I had a dime in my pocket, and as I walked by your meter, the meter guy was looking away, so I dropped in the dime. My hope was that maybe the meter guy would walk back up to the meter, see that it was no longer expired, scratch his head a bit, and cancel your ticket… But, as we walked away he continued writing it. We just kind of laughed about me discretely putting in the dime for no reason, and were bummed he didn’t look again…AND THEN…when you guys came up it was like the perfect storm.

    If I was in your situation I would be doing the exact same thing that you are, trying to fight it. In fact, just this week I had to pay a ticket for an expired meter that I swear still should have had time on it. So, sorry to disappoint you, but wanted you to know what actually happened.”

    This coincides perfectly with what we saw as it happened, though we weren’t exactly paying attention to the guys walking by at that moment.

    Sincere apologies to the parking officer for accusing him of cheating on the job. We were in the wrong, the ticket was valid, and it has been paid.

  25. Starfury says:

    I’m waiting for the parking meter rebellion to start. Nothing but headless stumps where the meter used to be.

  26. Harry Greek says:

    If this was NYC – the man would have gotten his skull kicked in. NYPD act like total animals when it comes to being filmed.

  27. gedster314 says:

    Well because the meter person did not try to hide his ID or act as if he did anything wrong, I suspect the guy with the camera added some money. If he used a credit card his case could easily proven.

    I remember parking on a hill, on a dead end street if my car rolled back it would have hit a curb and stopped, yet they gave me a ticket for not having my front wheels turned away from curb. I hate going to clubs in Hollywood.

  28. ancientone567 says:

    For the first time, I am totally speechless. It is way to scary what is means. Never looked at the meter but wrote a ticket anyway?

  29. veronykah says:

    Can everyone please stop with the “he put a dime / nickel in the meter”?
    Watch the video, you can’t put DIMES or NICKELS in those meters. It clearly only takes quarters and dollars, as do most meters in LA.