American Airlines Bends Laws Of Time And Space To Make Travel Experience Even Worse

Robin flew on American Airlines from Las Vegas to New York over the weekend, and he had the audacity to expect that airlines operate on something resembling normal-person time. If someone told you, a normal person, that they would make a decision in “a little while,” how long would you assume it would be? How about four hours? That’s how long a “little while” was when airline staff were eciding whether to let Robin’s delayed plane go due to weather.

First, at boarding time they tell us there are mechanical problems, stand by. First bad sign. Find out on twitter another plane has this exact same issue. Also that they pushed an 8am Chicago flight until 3pm.

Then, at take off time, they tell us they will be making a decision at 2 pm on whether or not to even fly. They ask everyone to be patient for a LITTLE WHILE LONGER. Um, hi, that’s four hours from now. 4 Hours later, without a WORD from anyone, they still have made no announcement. I literally had to overhear a staff member saying that he “heard the new York flight would be leaving at 6am tomorrow.” he told me to call an 800 number or go to the ticket office to rebook.

I called the number on the way to the office to ask about the flight and our accommodations for the night. She says I can’t help you with accommodations. You can either cancel the flight and get 160 dollars back or go to the ticket desk at the airport. I go to the ticket desk and it’s an absolute disaster. No one could tell me what line to get on, no one seemed to have any idea what they were doing or had any information for the 200 people waiting to hear what to do.

In order to get home today so i could get to work tomorrow, I took the refund and took a different airline, a red eye with a stop in phoenix, for $360.

Honestly, I do not understand how this airline is still in business. They clearly do not respect their customers in any way. All I would have asked for was a clear explanation of what was going on before waiting 4 hours at the airport only to be told it was cancelled. Then, no information at all about accommodations for tonight. Weather I understand, but if it’s mechanical, make the call. Just tell us what’s going on and tell me where to go when you’ve cancelled my flight, honestly. The fact that other flights had similar issues makes me think it’s strike related. Maybe all these mechanicals because your mechanics hate working for you.

Will never fly them again.

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