Replacement Tooth Enamel Means Kids Are Totally Going To Refuse To Brush Twice A Day

Disobedient children everywhere, rejoice! That is, if you’re reading this site in the first place. Scientists in Japan may have found a way around that whole “not brushing your teeth regularly will cause tooth decay.” The breakthrough is a super thin film that can be put on teeth to prevent decay or just to make them look shiny and whiter. In other words, a patch that basically mimics tooth enamel.

The AFP says the invention is a hard-wearing, ultra-flexible material that’s made of the same stuff as the main mineral in tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite. It would also mean no more painful problems for people with sensitive teeth.

“This is the world’s first flexible apatite sheet, which we hope to use to protect teeth or repair damaged enamel,” said a professor in Japan involved with the invention. “Dentists used to think an all-apatite sheet was just a dream, but we are aiming to create artificial enamel,” he added.

And in case you’re worried you’ll look like someone walking around with whitening strips stuck in your mouth, the researchers say the stuff will disappear as soon as it’s placed on a tooth, and can be clear or white depending on your preferences.

Keep brushing for a least five years, however, as that’s how long it’ll likely take until the film is used in dental treatment.

Japan tooth patch could be end of decay [AFP]

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