Not To Dash Your Hopes & Dreams Or Anything, But The McRib's Return Might Be Delayed

Anyone out there looking at the calendar and salivating at that special time of year between late October and early November, the time when the McRib returns to McDonald’s, might need to sit down for a second. According to reportedly leaked internal memo, McDonald’s wants to score a home run in the fourth quarter of the year and is going to delay the McRib’s return until the second half of December. Commence screams of rage.

Ad Age says it has a memo from McDonald’s Operators National Advertising Fund, which is the the chain’s national-franchise council. The memo shifts the McRib’s marketing blitz to closer to Christmas, because last year’s December sales were 9.8%. That’s partly due to the milder winter weather much of the nation enjoyed.

The McRib is apparently Mickey D’s great hope, as its fan base is known to be dedicated and intensely passionate about the sandwich.  When you can only get something for a short period of time once a year, you’re gonna go bonkers over it — even if it’s a restructured pork product formed into the shape of ribs.

It remains to be seen if that same coveted, dedicated group of super fans will turn on McDonald’s in rage over having to wait for that sweet, sweet pork to hit their mouths, however.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s told Ad Age: “We cannot comment on leaked documents, information.”

Just tell us when the McRib is coming and everyone will remain calm.

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