Dish Network Calls Just To Check In, Offers To Pay For My Walking Dead Subscription

It’s now mid-September, and the Dish Network-AMC dispute continues. Dish subscribers have been forced to live without AMC, IFC, and some other channels no one cares about since July 1st. The satellite provider has tried to soften the blow for customers who complain, even offering one of our readers a free Roku streaming device and an account credit big enough to purchase an Amazon streaming subscription to Breaking Bad. Now Dish is taking customer care to even greater levels. They called up Lucas: not to sell him anything, not to collect on his bill, but to check in and see if he was happy with his service. He is, but he sure is sad that he’ll have to miss the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

He writes:

I just got a call from Dish network, the lady was super nice and accommodating (asking if she should call another time in case I was at work). She asked if my service was okay and if everything was going well. I told her everything was great except the missing of AMC because of Breaking Bad and mostly he Walking Dead. I had already received the free Roku and a $35 dollar credit for Breaking Bad, she told me that when Walking Dead starts I can call them to get another credit for that show!

I don’t know if that will work, but she was polite and honestly wanted to help me. I just wanted to share this story about Dish Network treating me like a customer should be treated.

That is quite impressive. It makes business sense: if spending a few bucks now keeps a customer from changing providers forever, it’s money well spent.

Are you a Dish Network customer who received a similar call? How did it turn out? Did they offer to buy your loyalty with fabulous gifts? We’d like to know.

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