Maybe The Average Traveler Is Okay With The TSA, But Frequent Fliers? Not So Much

We’re up, we’re down, we approve of the job the Transportation Security Administration is doing (or, if you took our poll, 82.5% of our readers who responded actually don’t think so) and now someone else is saying the TSA is mucking it up at our nation’s airports. That’s according to frequent fliers who were asked about the topic in a new survey released today.

While a previous survey said the average traveler was cool with the TSA’s security measures, people who fly all the time have a different view. A total of 56% of frequent fliers said they were not satisfied with their last TSA experiences according to a survey conducted by online magazine Frequent Business Traveler (by way of the Chicago Tribune).

Then there were the 19% who were all lumped together in the results who said they’re satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied. Or to put it another way — any kind of satisfied in any amount.

When it comes to the overall question of how well the TSA is doing at its job of airport security screenings, 57% of frequent travelers said it was doing a poor job, 34% rated it fair, 8% said it was good, and 1% called the agency’s work as excellent.

Something to be taken into consideration regarding Gallup’s earlier survey: While that one found that 54% of travelers think the TSA is doing a good or excellent job, if you’re hanging out with the TSA more as a frequent flier, your sum experience might add up differently. FBT’s poll surveyed people who average 16.3 trips per year, as opposed to the 2.1 trips per traveler in the Gallup poll.

Many frequent travelers say TSA is doing poor job [Chicago Tribune]

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