Have You Finished Buying All Your 'National HP Toner Month' Gifts Yet?

With so many things going on in this crazy world, it’s easy to lose track of the holidays. Luckily, Consumerist reader Mike recently received an e-mail from Office Depot reminding him that September is indeed National HP Toner Month, that time when families gather together by a bonfire to roast marshmallows, sip cider and swap tales of past National HP Toner Months.

And of course, each town as its National HP Toner Month parade, in which the Toner Princess and her escorts ride down the High Street on floats pulled by Chevy trucks left over from National Truck Month.

Some believe that the growing popularity of National HP Toner Month is what has led to big box retailers putting out their Christmas items during the summer months. After all, once a young child’s mind turns to thoughts of toner, it’s hard to get them into the Yuletide spirit again.

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