Delta Misplaces My Backpack Of Essentials, Shrugs

Seann got on a Delta plane with only a carry-on, and was told that he would need to gate-check his bag. That was the last time he ever saw it. The tag he was supposed to receive never materialized, and neither did his backpack. This would be tolerable if he had just been toting a carry-on full of clothes, but the gate-checked bag happened to be his backpack, stuffed with his laptop, video camera, and other valuable items filled with tasty data.

Sure, he’s entitled to compensation, but to make that happen, he needs to sort out what was on the bag and file a claim.

Delta lost my luggage…Here’s what happened: Went on plane with carry on…compartments were smaller than usual and it wouldn’t fit. Flight attendant said they would check it and send it to Portland. Told me to have a seat and she would bring me my luggage tag. I NEVER SAW HER AGAIN. Asked another attendant midflight about my luggage tag, she went to talk to another attendent…they both looked confused and I saw them shruging their shoulders, came back and said, “everything went straight through, so just look for it in Portland”

I haven’t seen my backpack since…don’t know if I ever will. Bye bye laptop, bye bye harddrive, bye bye camcorder, bye bye other things. Someone please scream at the flight crew on DL [redacted] for being the most NEGLIGENT imbeciles Delta has ever hired. Think twice about doing your job correctly. You may be screwing over someone who needs your job more than you.

If anyone knows where I can directly reach the people who lost my luggage, that would be great, because Delta’s 1-800 number and claims system seems mostly useless. (who keeps receipts for things they bought over three years ago that are long past their warranty?…seriously…and if I have them, they are well buried) I’d rather just sue them directly if I’m never going to see my things again.”

As for updates since then…I have continued calling them daiy. I’ve made an effort to contact the invidual luggage people at each airport. I called several peopole to get their numbers (the first represntative said, “they don’t deal with the public”, which is a lie since I got the numbers from another representative and I made contact with Minneapolis and Dalls. I’ve left 3 messages for Newark, 1 for PDX and no one has responded yet. It appears there are some obvious holes in Delta’s customer service policies. Hopefully someone out there can help me!

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