Telemarketer Just Cannot Handle Being Hung Up On Again, Calls Back With Bomb Threat

We all likely know at least a few people who have endured being a telemarketer, and while it sounds like an awful, horrible no-good very bad gig, hey, it’s a job. But one telemarketer had simply had it up to here with people hanging up on him. And so he did something a bit extreme to express that frustration — he called back and told the homeowner there was a bomb in the house.

It all started when a telemarketer called a Denver resident with some news that was likely too good to be true, cops tell 7 News.

“The telemarketer was explaining to him that he had won some money,” said the county sheriff. “The homeowner was not interested and hung up the phone.”

That was simply unacceptable, so the telemarketer called back and got “pretty rude.” Rude enough to say, “I’ve placed a bomb in your house.”

The homeowner called 911, and police responded by evacuating all nearby homes while searching the victim’s home. Authorities found nothing at the scene, and are now trying to locate the telemarketer. He may or may not be overseas, and if he is, the FBI will get involved.

The cops are stumped as to why this would happen — shouldn’t telemarketers be kind of used to being hung up on by now?

“It’s completely out of the ordinary,” the sheriff explained. “I don’t know how to explain it. They’re just pretty pushy I guess.”

Pushy, sure. Threatening? That’s another level of intrusion right there.

Telemarketer Threatens To Blow Up Home [7 News Denver]

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