Now You Can Own Guns N Roses' Old Dryer (If You Outbid Me)

Like many a 13-year-old in 1988, Guns N Roses’ Appetite for Destruction had a near-permanent place in my Walkman (or whatever knock-off my mom had told me was just as good). And as an adult, one of my proudest moments was getting yelled at for nearly 90 minutes by Axl Rose’s lawyer (it’s a long story; catch me after a couple of cold beverages and I may tell it to you). But now I — and multitudes of others who still know how to play the solo from “Rocket Queen” — have the chance to bid on a souvenir that will tag you as a super-fan: the band’s clothes dryer.

The Kenmore Ultra Fabric Care Electric Dryer (complete with stenciled road case that doesn’t need to be removed in order to use the machine) is part of a larger collection of items — amplifiers, keyboards, guitar effects, pedal boards, props, back drops — the GNR road crew is selling via eBay to clear out some room in the warehouse.

Of course, the eBay listing makes it clear that they have no way of knowing on which tours any of this stuff was actually used.

And while the bidding on the washer only starts at $99, the buyer is responsible for paying to ship the 278 lb. package. That could add up, so make sure you really, really want this dryer, which the listing says “Was working prior to storage.”

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