Apple Is Having Trouble Getting Enough Screens For The iPhone 5

If you’re planning on getting and iPhone 5 when it launches in a few weeks, you might want to be proactive about pre-ordering, because Apple is allegedly having trouble getting enough screens.

A source told Reuters that Sharp, the maker of the screens, has fallen behind schedule. The screens are allegedly different from the screens in previous iPhones in that they are 30% bigger, thinner, and have the touch sensors built into the LCD. The current screen has a “touch layer.”

Sharp declined to acknowledge that Apple is a customer.

Computerworld said that each iPhone launch has resulted in more phones sold on the first weekend, and an analyst for Robert Baird speculated that this could be the biggest product launch of all time, let alone the biggest Apple launch of all time.

Sharp’s output of new iPhone displays lagging -source [Reuters]

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