The Secretly Awesome Design Of The Ordinary Tic-Tac Box

We roll our eyes at instructions on totally mundane objects. “I’m an adult,” a hypothetical person might say. “I know how to strike a match.” Or inflate a balloon. Or apply shampoo to my head. Maybe the ordinary person isn’t as smart as we’d like to think, though. There are millions of boxes of Tic-Tacs circulating out there right this minute, but most people have no idea how to actually dispense the tiny torpedoes of freshness.

Fortunately, the site FoodBeast is here to save us all from accidentally dispensing two mints or something. .

I, for one, am embarrassed. I had an adolescent Tic-Tac addiction that involved using my allowance to buy twelve-packs whenever my family visited a warehouse store. I always carried a box in my pocket to school, even though food and gum were forbidden. I had a problem. (No, I don’t know how I still have any teeth.) But I should have figured this out decades ago.

So Apparently, We’ve Been Using Tic Tac Containers All Wrong [FoodBeast]


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  1. redskull says:

    Um… no. I just tried this and 2 or 3 spilled out despite the one lying majestically in the little lid indentation.

  2. Dagny Taggart says:

    Didn’t realize Paulie Bleekers wrote for Consumerist…..

  3. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Now I must go buy Tic Tac.

    • NotEd says:

      I would get more than one.
      Unless you can get just one.
      Although that really doesn’t seem like a good investment to me.
      For a box.

  4. Blueskylaw says:

    Does Tic-Tac came in a pink package specially designed for women? Maybe that’s the problem.

  5. GitEmSteveDaveHatesChange says:

    This has not always “been”. On reddit, when this meme first came to light, some people pulled out old Tic-Tac containers, and there was no such “catcher” on them.

  6. Applekid says:

    So, it isn’t supposed to be “rip out white plastic, pour all into mouth”?

  7. Press1forDialTone says:

    Are you serious?
    I mean this is a joke right?
    I have been dispensing exactly the amount of tic-tacs I want from
    those little boxes for about oh I’d say 25 years? maybe 30 years?
    They’ve been around a long time, but so have I :-)
    I’m just at a loss for words (I can hear the clapping on Consumerist), this is
    so lame.

  8. HogwartsProfessor says:

    LOL the shaking-container-Tic-Tacs-flying-everywhere made me think of incompentent infomercial people who can’t put a blanket over themselves. Maybe that’s the purpose of the Snuggie, to protect against flying Tic-Tacs.

  9. axolotl says:

    Why would you only want one Tic Tac?

  10. triana says:

    I had NO IDEA that catcher was there.

    Probably because I have never, ever tried to eat just one at a time.

  11. Mark702 says:

    The “before” dispensing example is like the morons who can’t use a knife to cut bread in the Ginsu commercials. Only a moron would spill a bunch of tic-tacs when trying to get just 1 or 2.

  12. Libertas1 says:

    Anyone besides me remember Ipso’s?

    Tic-Tacs that came in a Lego compatible box?

  13. ZacharyTF says:

    Monica Gellar-Bing does not approve of this method of eating Tic-Tacs.